Jivrus Integra


What is Jivrus Integra?

Jivrus Integra is suite of integration applications that enables tight and native integration between several commercial platforms, systems and applications.

Jivrus integra - G Suite Add-ons

G Suite add-ons are native extension on G Suite apps like Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Forms and Google Slides. Millions of businesses and billions of users across the world have been using G Suite and Google consumer. Besides Google Apps, they use several other systems for their business needs.

Jivrus Integra add-on products help them integrate G Suite apps with other systems natively and tightly.

Jivrus Integra - Google Data Studio Connectors

Google Data Studio is an online data visualisation tool by Google. It unlocks the power of your data with interactive dashboards and engaging reports that inspire smarter business decisions.

Jivrus Integra connector products help you to bring your data into Google Data Studio for visualisation to your heart's content.

Jivrus Integra - Zoho Extensions

coming soon.